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New system of the Thermally isolated profiled MB-WG60
is intended for building Winter Gardens as well as other structures like hothouses, porches or ateliers (hobby rooms). The system will be offered as a model constructions as well as architectural solutions individually designed individually in conjunction with the curtain wall system MB-SR50, where the profile of this system allow the construction of very large roofs which have a great length of the rafter and in systems and MB70HI MB60. The main idea of the system is the ability to build a warm roof based on the profiles of the pillars, with the possibility of tying in the vertical walls any system of windows and doors, MB, and enabling the construction of any even the most complex geometry of roof space.


1. Continuous high thermal insulation in the corners of the composite glass in the transition wall-roof provided by the introduction of a specific profile HPVC, which also serves for fixing of the glazing profile without reducing the thickness of the glazing. HPVC profile also enables easy introduction of cascade glass with stepped from outer edge which is important for small angles of inclination of the roof.

2. Profiles of the rafter which use the new generation of cell interlayer plates to increase thermal insulation and durability, constructed in such a way that they optimize the aluminum rolling technology with thermal spacer.

3. Complete water- and windproof by introducing a continuous EPDM membranes, which also cut the cold outside air from the inner aluminum profiles.

4. Rafters are connected with purlin profiles and the hinge profiles supported on the eaves beam and the wall beam in a cascade way, what enables the proper water drainage and allows the effective ventilation of the room. The roof inclination angle is equal to 7°-45° from the horizon.

5. Profile gutters attached to the eaves beam profile, can simplify the implementation of a profile with a thermal barrier of bulky external, and the ability to easily create any shape gutter, depending on customer requirements, for starters, there are two types of gutters providing classical and contemporary styles.

6. All equipment in the system ensure proper ventilation and air exchange, heating and maintaining the best climate.