Your Window To The World!


Windows made of pine and meranti in Softline system(68, 78, 88 mm)
look modern and aesthetically, thanks to a beautiful form of a rounded profile, which contributes to streamlined shapes of a smooth and shiny surface. Perfect quality and resistance to warping of the windows made in Softilne system are guaranteed by three-layer monolith wood which is dried to a suitable moisture. Additionally the vitality of the joinery is prolonged thanks to its preservation and staining. Tresholds of frames and lower edges of wings are secured by aluminium drips, the line of which harmonises with gentle contours of the whole window. Preservation of the joinery is very easy and does not take longer than its cleaning.


1. Possibility of applying a wide range of window panel packagings.

2. Profiled window bard.

3. Profile which is glued in layers guarantees stability of the construction.

4. Undercut for the internal profile.

5. Thermo-drip which facilitates water drainage.

6. Aluminium board which secures wood from UV radiation and water which flows from the window.

7. Ecological lacquer with undercoat and impregnant against vermins and moulds.

8. Envelope seal.


1. Excellent aesthetics thanks to profilled strip bead, undercut for the internal profile and the usage of thermal drip that enables water drainage.

2. Great stability thanks to aluminum strip that protects the wood against UV rays and the water that flows from the window at the most critical points of the window / door.

3. Durability and stability of the construction thanks to the usage of ecological varnish with the primer and the impregnation against pests and mold fungi as well as three-layer laminated solid wood and dried to the desired moisture content, which makes the windows more resistant to warping and cracking.

4. High quality thanks to the best components and the usage of only high quality wood.

5. Ecology - windows made of raw materiasl of natural origin have been honored with the award - Green Mark 2010 for its outstanding and environmentally friendly properties.

6. Very good thermal insulation.