MB-78EI Fire-Doors

Bet on safety

  • One of the undesirable contingencies we fear and try to prevent is fire
  • While in our homes fireproof doors can be useful in separating the boiler room from the rest of the house, their use in large construction projects like office buildings and factories is an essential requirement
  • They close off fire zones, which helps reduce losses in the event of a fire and, in many cases, protect human lives.
  • Fire doors achieve a fire resistance class from EI30 to EI60.
  • Thermal transmittance: Ud = 1,6
  • Installation depth: 78mm

Aluminium door colour range

Choose the colour that suits you, over 200 RAL colours. We offer smooth matt and metallic paints that have a texture or have the so-called special effects (mainly wood-like).

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Door handles and pulls

Our handles for windows, doors and terrace systems made of PVC, aluminium and wood are distinguished by their high aesthetics, functionality and durability. Thanks to various colour options, they can be perfectly matched colour of the windows, doors, or the colour scheme of the building.